Insights into the company

Initially there was an idea: To provide innovative products with exceptional quality for energy-efficient and economic constructions.

This idea was soon carried out and remains to this day the foundation of our company’s future.

Therefore, energy, environment and building furthermore represent our company’s development since the beginning: Building something up with fresh energy and allow it to naturally grow continuously.

2009 - From idea to reality – The founding of doitBau®

Headquarters in Wuppertal/Germany

represented at 2 locations

Innovative products for energy-efficient and economical construction

High quality, efficiency, easy application - our customers orient themselves to these three principles, and therefore our selection of innovative products for energy saving houses with high living comfort does so as well.

That’s why we pay special attention as well to versatile air and windtight solutions for facade, roof, windows and doors, that we also owe our special competence for pitched roofs and facades to, as to perfectly combinable EIFS/ETICS products. Anyone looking for professional products will find them here.

To guarantee sustainable, energy-efficient building, our carefully chosen selection consists of resistant roof and facade membranes with versatile adhesive products and external thermal insulation composite systems with fibre insulation materials made from polystyrene, mineral and wood. Further useful supplements complete our offering, such as comfortable and economical heating systems or materials specially developed for foundation wall protection.

Our carefully designed selection is versatile combinable and holds long term convincing properties. We ensure these high quality requirements with continuous control and evolution – surpassing regulations by far.

Hold tight to your projects with doitBau – watertight, airtight and windtight.

Combining general and economic efficiency with comfort is more than our standard - it is an important property of our whole product range.

Energy efficient products, like our insulation materials or air and windtight membranes for roof and facade, lower energy costs permanently while providing lasting protection for the environment. For an environmentally friendly processing, our articles are nearly completely free off of solvents, resins, chlorine, plasticisers and formaldehyde (VOC).

This way, we demand sustainability from our products in multiple ways.

Like our carefully balanced system products, we also operate in combination to achieve optimum results. That’s why our stock is constantly suited to our customer’s requirements. To know their market, is to understand our own.

Consequently our effective service team is permanently in contact with our market partners. The same continuous self-control and progress we take into account in the production of our items, applies to the whole of our company. By this we provide the conditions for a comprehensive, customer-friendly quality.

This direct and open communication guarantees our carefully devised choice of long term convincing offers and fast delivery times. In combination with an appropriate price policy, it forms the base for an attractive offering with diversely sustainable added value.