our Innovative heating foil

The innovative floorino heating foil uses infrared technology to increase living comfort while reducing energy costs at the same time. The heating foil is simply laid between impact sound insulation and PE vapour barrier (can also be retrofitted) and connected to your mains supply.

With the help of floorino thermostats, the temperature can be set precisely to the degree, partially differently and optionally with a timer.

Would you like to reduce your heating costs without losing a comfortably warm apartment? We offer the ideal solution: floorino® panel heating for laminate and parquet.

It is free of maintenance and follow-up costs. Neither an additional chimney nor an exhaust system is necessary, since it is connected directly to your existing power grid. You can heat to the nearest degree.

You can reduce your operating costs by insulating the house! If you use green electricity, you can even heat ecologically with floorino.

A further plus for infrared panel heating (IFH) is a healthy room climate. With full thermal insulation, moulds and fine dust (such as bacteria, excrement from house dust mites, etc.) have no chance. The "dry" heating air is created although the walls remain cool. And on these cold walls the humidity in the air condenses with the consequence of mould formation, in particular on the outer walls.

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